In this sense, what I said in the beginning is definitely true: Ivan Stanev’s film is a mystery of achieving wholeness. Not a wholeness that has been achieved but a wholeness that is being achieved. It seems to me that what happens to the spectator is exactly what has happened to Ivan. The script, no doubt, had ripened and it had to be realized but most likely it was not elaborated in detail, neither was it followed strictly in the making of the film. What, then, seems to have happened? Most likely, Ivan Stanev made his way into the mood and the passion of the crew he worked with, he struggled with them, and in this struggle, he adjusted and modified his conception. Thus, in the junction between the idea of the scriptwriter and the living work of the film-making, the text emerged, which also happened to me in a series of viewings, as well as in the writing of these lines, the way it surely has happened and will happen to other spectators and commentators. The only thing certain is that Moon Lake is a wonderful film and that it is an honour to the author and crew who created it.


Moon Lake Lovers


Yasna Bozhkova: Eurydice

Vasil Chitanov: Orpheus

Gloria Petkova: Girl in Love

Simon Todorov: Boy in Love

Michael Cohen: English Teacher

Teodor Dobrev: Karl Marx Twins

Ivaylo Dobrev: Karl Marx Twins

Milena Kerefeyna-Zheleva: Clairvoyant

Aurora Timeva: Clairvoyant’s Pupil

Ivan Ivanov: Oxygen Worker

Dorothea Tabakova: Ancient Greek Teacher

Boyan Manchev: Philosophy Teacher

Vanya Kiritzova: Astrology Teacher

Mariana Evlogieva: Esperanto Teacher

Konstantin Aleksandrov: Marine Teacher

Chorus “Sveta Troitza”: Chorus

Arabel Karajan: Jazz Band

Rosen Zahariev: Jazz Band

Aleksandar Evtimov: Jazz Band

Georgi Donchev: Jazz Band

Moon Lake Eurydice


Directed by Ivan Stanev

Written by Ivan Stanev

Produced by Donka Angelova

Cinematography: Stefan Ivanov

Edited by Remco Schuurbiers

Music by Sebastian Meissner

Moon Lake Girl in Love


Production company: Delta Entertainment

Release date: 29 November 2009

Running time: 90 minutes

Countries: Bulgaria, Germany, France

Languages: English, French, German, Russian, Ancient Greek, Bulgarian, Esperanto, Spanish

Film: 35mm

Number of Reels: 5

Speed: 25 images/sec.

Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1

Sound Mix: Dolby Digital SR 5.1

Filming Locations: Yailata – Kamen Bryag, Bulgaria

Moon Lake Rain